1978Born in Beijing, China
2000Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences: Communications Design
2001Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design HfG at the Center for Art and Media ZKM Karlsruhe: Graphics/Communications Design and Media Art with a focus on Photography
2002Initiation of a partnership between the HfG Karlsruhe and the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts CAFA; workshop organi-
sation for five professors from the HfG Karlsruhe at the CAFA Beijing, China
2003Organisation of the workshop "Shooting Beijing" from Prof. Schirner at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
2005Internship at the Institut für Kunst und Medien GmbH, Düsseldorf; internship at SScholz & Friends Group GmbH, Berlin, Germany
2006Graduation from the HfG Karlsruhe, Graphic/Communi- cations Design (Prof. Michael Schirner and Prof. Sven Voelker) and Media Art with a focus on Photography (Prof. Thomas Struth and Prof. Mischa Kuball)
2006/10 to 2007/03At the Thomas Struth Studio, Düsseldorf, Germany
Since 2007/7Artist living and working in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Germany and Beijing, China
2011Director of Institute of Art and Media GmbH
2012Director of Schirner Zang Foundation