Solo Exhibitions
2012April 18. - April 22. 2012
Solo exhibition at Art Cologne by the advancement award "New Positions"
2012"GO WEAST", Alexander Ochs Galleries, Berlin
2010Solo exhibition at the Kunstverein Kunsthaus Potsdam, Germany.
05. Sept. - 17. Oct. 2010
2010Photo Performance and the exhibition: "The Calculated Chance", Gallery Klara Wallner, Germany
2009"History", in cooperation with Asia Unlimited, Gallery of the CON.form Architects, Berlin, Germany
Group Exhibitions
2012Exhibition "Based in China", Ernst-Barlach-Museum, Hamburg-Wedel, Germany
2012Exhibition "Gentle War - Intermediale Olympische Spiele im CHB.", Balassi Institute Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (CHB.), Berlin, Germany
2011"CHINA REVISITED", Marianne Friis Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
2011Exhibition "Das Ich im Anderen", Foundation Mercator, Essen, Germany. Jan. 14. 2011 - Jun. 30. 2011
2010Today is Tomorrow - Localization (Presented by Asia Unlimited)
Okt. 9. - Okt. 29. 2010
Gallery Con.form Architects, Berlin, Germany
2009Photo performance - "The calculated chance" within the exhibition - "Domino, Plan in the space", at the Contemporary Space Chen Ling Hui, Beijing, China
2006Photo and video works in the exhibition "totalstadt. beijing case", ZKM Museum of Contemporary Art Karlsruhe, Germany
2004"Shooting Beijing / Shooting Karlsruhe", ambient photo and ambient video exhibition, at the HfG (State University of Art and Design) at ZKM - Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Germany
1994International Large Art Exhibition in Pusan, Korea; Korean Fine Arts Association, Korea
1992International Art Competition from The Foundation of Children's History, Art and Culture, Oslo, Norway
1989"Sea-Ball Cup" International Children's Drawing Competition, Song Qing Ling Foundation, CCTV, Beijing, China
1988Traveling exhibition Song Qing Ling Foundation/UNO, New York, Boston and San Francisco, USA
1986Exhibition within the 16th International Children's Painting Competition, Nippon TV Network, Tokyo, Japan
1985Exhibition within "The Lidice Memorial" Children's Visual Arts Competition, UNESCO, Lidice, Czech Republic
1984Exhibition within the National Competition for Children's Painting and Calligraphy, National Art Museum, Beijing, China