THE CALCULATED CHANCE - Photo Performance IIThe I-Ching will be consulted to determine in which way photographs of the performance space are to be taken. This consul-
tation, undertaken by tossing coins, will provide five positions for the camera and one surprise: there is no film in the camera.

The photographs will be made without film. The result: five identically framed aluminium plates, hand-written with titles such as "Photography without film. The fourth step to the east".

Chen Ling Hui Contemporary Space, Beijing, China

Date: 06. June 2009
- 30. August 2009

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A square is marked in the space.

The middle point of the spuare is marked. And the cardinal points are determined with a compass.

The cardinal points are marked.

The I-Ching is consulted by tossing three coins.

The result of consulting is listed.

The plan of the photo action.

The camera is adjusted on the marked positions.

The camera is adjusted on the marked positions.

A photo is taken without film.

The Installation with marks in the space, video mornitor, photos on the table and the five framed aluminium boards.

The framed aluminium boards with the caption: "Photography without film. The third step to the south."